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Oxygen is the most necessary nutrient for our body. It is necessary for the good and efficient functioning of the brain, nerve, gland and other internal organs.
Therefore, to make a positive thing for your body and increase the amount of oxygen in it, here is airbreath® - oxygen for recreational use.


Why athletes use airbreath®


airbreath® oxygen helps professional and recreational athletes to:
- boost power
- increase energy
- improve endurance
- reduce regeneration time
- faster recovery from physical exertion


Athletes use airbreath® oxygen to boost their performance. They use it before, during and after training sessions or competitions. It increases their blood oxygen percentage up to almost 100% capacity, which enables more exertion before they need to take a break. airbreath® oxygen is suitable for both professional and recreational athletes. In aerobic sports (e.g. running, cycling, swimming) airbreath® oxygen will mostly improve endurance, whereas in anaerobic sports (e.g. tennis, weight lifting, soccer) it will boost power.


Supplemental oxygen is not on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List - IT HAS NOT BEEN DECLARED A DOPING SUBSTANCE!


Why young people use airbreath®


airbreath® oxygen improves cognitive abilities in youth and boosts their mental focus. Students and pupils take a bottle of oxygen before exams to improve their memory and mental capacities, resulting in better performance.


airbreath® oxygen is also used to prevent hangover. If used during alcohol consumption, the oxygen will generally prevent morning hangover. It is a known fact that WWII pilots used oxygen to treat hangover after all-night partying and drinking. Alcohol reduces blood oxygen, thus causing hangover. A few breaths of oxygen replenishes blood oxygen levels.


- boost concentration when studying
- reduce stress and sleep deprivation symptoms
- help treating hangover symptoms



Increased altitude means reduced atmospheric pressure, so each breath contains less and less oxygen molecules. The body has to strain to get oxygen, through deeper and quicker breathing, which is especially noticeable in physical activity, such as climbing. airbreath® oxygen is used by people going to high altitudes, 1500 m and above, prone to altitude sickness. A bottle of oxygen daily will help you adapt to the altitude and reduce altitude sickness symptoms.

airbreath® oxygen is also suitable for mountain climbers and hikers because it helps:
- supply the body and cells with additional oxygen
- improve blood oxygen levels, especially at higher altitudes, where air is thinner
- alleviate negative effects of higher altitudes
- reduce fatigue and drowsiness


Why drivers use airbreath®


The modern pace of living and working affects all aspects of life, driving included. More and more people sit behind the wheel after insufficient and poor quality sleep, which can lead to serious fatigue-related traffic accidents. airbreath® oxygen helps combat fatigue, which routinely affects drivers. Fatigue causes bodily changes, for instance, in brain activity, and heart rate and eye movement slowdowns.


Driver fatigue is a different form of tiredness (mental), featuring reduced motivation, drowsiness, lack of focus, impaired vehicle control (e.g. speed variations, yawing). Even more dangerous is that drivers are unaware of the extent of their tiredness and keep driving.


airbreath® oxygen is suitable for drivers on long routes because it helps:
- boost concentration
- reduce stress level in traffic jams
- reduce exhaustion and fatigue on long journeys
- increase energy on journeys where tiredness emerges early - reduce reaction times


How airbreath® helps us to be healthier and prettier


Because of circulation slowdown as a result of aging, skin cells are supplied with increasingly less oxygen, which reduces their functionality. Cell oxygen amount is why skin diseases or aging develops faster or slower. airbreath® oxygen will help you feel better in your own skin. It refreshes the skin and reduces wrinkles. It is useful in detoxification processes and boosts the immune system.


It is also known that singers and movie stars often use oxygen to improve their vocal cords and skin tone. In addition, oxygen use has a positive effect on mental attitude and mood, reducing depression and lifting one's spirits. The more oxygen in our body, the more capable it is to generate life energy.


Using airbreath® oxygen will reflects in:
- slower aging
- improved skin structure and elasticity
- fresh and rejuvenated skin
- reduced number and depth of wrinkles



People who spend their full working hours in a sitting position in offices often suffer from headaches, allergic reactions, mucosal irritation, poor concentration, fatigue and inexplicable psychological changes. All of those symptoms and similar health issues come from the presence of certain toxic substances in our environment, which accumulate in large indoor systems such as office buildings. airbreath® oxygen helps people living a high-tempo business lifestyle. Living at such pace leads to more stress, less concentration and poorer health, as the body quickly spends oxygen.

airbreath® OXYGEN – USE

Each bottle of airbreath® oxygen contains pure recreational oxygen for energy boost and recovery. Every life situation demands a different level of airbreath® oxygen. Depending on various circumstances, you decide how many breaths of airbreath® oxygen you need. For example, if you feel tired, slow, under strain, jet-lagged, or you just need some fresh air. Every situation requires different amounts, depending on the individual.
Your mood, oxygen and energy levels vary daily. Without a pulse oximeter, accurate determination of optimal oxygen levels can be difficult. The following recommendations are here to help you decide on the oxygen amounts you can inhale daily depending on different situations. Each situation requires between 4 and 100 quick breaths of airbreath® oxygen to restore optimal oxygen levels.


Air, among other elements, contains oxygen, which is an isolated element in air. Both are vital, but affect the body differently.

Our air comes from coastal areas and is a combination of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon compounds and other naturally found elements. More details on

Pure oxygen is commonly used for medical and recreational purposes to help individuals regenerate faster and speed up their recovery from injuries and physical exertions. With highly clean oxygen supplied to the body, muscles can regenerate faster and people with very weak respiratory systems can breathe easier.

Pure oxygen is not something an average person should use on a daily basis, because excessive use can have harmful effects and reduce the body's ability to breathe in an environment with normal oxygen levels.



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